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From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a genre-defying experience, now expanded and remastered in this definitive Director’s Cut.

Why you should buy Death Stranding:

  • You’re a fan of Hideo Kojima games,
  • You like open-world action games,
  • You’re looking for a 100+ hour adventure.
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Hideo Kojima is, without a doubt, one of the most original video games developers. The Metal Gear Solid creator has always known how to astonish players. No one else would design something as unusual as a boss fight requiring changing a gamepad port. Death Stranding is Kojima’s first game released after leaving Konami.

Death Stranding

The game is set in the dystopian United States desolated by a cataclysm known as Death Stranding. Players follow Sam Porter Bridges, a courier traveling between isolated cities where the remnants of humanity live. In this world, being a porter is not a safe job because mysterious creatures called BTs to roam the land. Furthermore, rogue couriers try to still your precious cargo to deliver it themselves. You’ll have to prepare shipment before every delivery, so you adjust its stability and weight because those factors affect Sam’s abilities.

An all-star cast

Of course, Sam has a more significant role to play than just carrying supplies as his mission turns into the epic quest for saving humanity from total extinction. You’ll be accompanied by a lot of familiar faces during your journey because Death Stranding’s cast includes many renowned actors. Norman Reedus portrays the protagonist, while in other roles we can see Mads Mikkelsen, Margaret Qualley, and Léa Seydoux, to name only a few.

Key features:

  • A vast open world to explore,
  • A compelling original story,
  • Detailed graphics,
  • Awesome soundtrack,
  • An all-star cast with Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen,
  • Cheap Death Stranding PS5 key.

Release Date: 24 September 2021
Platform: PSN – PS5
Region: Europe
Language: English


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