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Super Mario Odyssey is a platformer game developed and published by Nintendo. Acquire Super Mario Odyssey key and control the protagonist Mario and his awesome cap Cappy, and cross through multiple trials and tests along the way. If you’re a bit tired from the linear scenarios in the prior Super Mario series, this one is sure to surprise you with its open-ended, exploration-based gameplay features!


Buy Super Mario Odyssey key and save the precious Princess Peach from your mortal enemy Bowser! Assume the role of Mario once again, take your had-shaped ship Odyssey and traverse multiple worlds (aka Kingdoms in-game) and experience numerous adventures everywhere you go. Scan the far and wide kingdoms and search for items known as Power Moons (these are essentially batteries for your ship) and continue with your explorations!


You’ve been with Mario for a while now, and you might already know that he’s quite a capable man. In Super Mario Odyssey, he’s stronger, faster, and more agile than ever – thanks to a bunch of awesome control mechanics. Triple jump, wall jump, throw your cap, use it as a platform, and these are but a few of the unique abilities of the whole array that this title has in stock!


Buy Super Mario Odyssey key and immerse in one of the most entertaining storylines to have ever been written! Bowser once again kidnaps Princess Peach straight from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario tries to save the princess but fails and even gets his cap thorn into shreds. At this point, he meets Cappy, a cap-like creature from the Cap Kingdom, together, they will rescue those that Bowser has kidnapped, and no force in the world will stop their determination.


Release Date: 27 October 2017
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Region: United States
Language: English, French, German, Italian & Spanish

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